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Our first-class understanding of the market and our allembracing focus on the needs of our customers make us trusted partners in the food retail sector as well as for health and beauty stores, health-food shops, convenience areas and chain rollouts.


From functional shopfitting and the professional structuring of wide-ranging product ranges to the incorporation of forward-looking trends or the interlinking of gastronomy and product range – our experienced experts are the “facilitators” among the shopfitting specialists.

Facts & Figures

– Experience, efficiency and flexibility

   make us the leading partner for the

   food-retail trade, chemist shops

   and perfumeries


Sustainability and efficiency have first

   priority regarding store concepts for the

   food and health care industries


– From the ideas stage to the rollout,    

   customers can rely completely on the

   Store Makers of Umdasch.


– Our solutions are based on knowledge     

   of the industry and interdisciplinary

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