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Your store as an emotional message

Not all stories begin with the first word. Often it is the first glimpse, the first impression, which defines the basic mood. Shopping involves presentation.


We know that the identity of our customer is inherent in every harmonious shopping experience. Our experienced Store Makers deal with all individual customer requirements and act flexibly to meet their wishes and needs. From the flagship store via shoes and fashion to the automotive sector, from food & beverage to the branch of a bank; from consumer electronics to an individual pop-up concept:


Umdasch Shopfitting ensures that your shop will be successful.

Facts & Figures

– Umdasch Shopfitting is a leader partner   

   in the entire lifestyle industry


Individual needs, demands and goals

   of our clients are our primary focus


– Partner for quality work, close contact

   with customers, and emerging trends

   in shopfitting


– Umdasch Shopfitting has developed a

   comprehensive network for all areas

   relevant to shopfitting


Efficient and individual: the Store Makers

   at Umdasch execute small projects as well

   as large-scale international rollouts.

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