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Store Makers since 1868

  • Umdasch Shopfitting_Amstetten
Visionary, yet with a strong tradition for 150 years

Stefan Hopferwieser, the great-grandfather of the present owners, was awarded the “concession” to work as a carpenter.

Mathilde Hopferwieser, grand-daughter of the founder of the company, married Ing. Josef Umdasch, who joined the management of the company in 1939. The business was moved to the east of the city of Amstetten and a new factory was built.

Specialisation on the business areas shopfitting and formwork technology (Doka).

The shopfitting section of Bremshey was acquired. Umdasch thus became one of the leading shopfitting companies in Germany.


The corporate structure of the Umdasch Group as it exists today was established. Under the umbrella of the Umdasch AG, the Doka Group and the Umdasch Shop-Concept Group operate as independent companies.

Umdasch AG purchased Assmann Ladenbau Leibnitz, the Austrian market leader in shopfitting for food stores.
With its core brands Umdasch Shop-Concept and Assmann Ladenbau the Umdasch Shopfitting Group now covers all sectors.

Umdasch Shop-Concept became Umdasch Shopfitting and the core brands Umdasch Shopfitting and Assmann Ladenbau subsequently fused to create the joint brand Umdasch Shopfitting.

Umdasch Shopfitting seals its restructuring programme with four powerful divisions: Lifestyle Retail,
Food Retail, Premium Retail and Digital Retail.
Umdasch Shopfitting acquires the technology company MMIT based in Linz and thereby expands the expertise of the Digital Retail division.


Umdasch Shopfitting takes over also the Czech shopfitting company Story Design. Through this corporate acquisition Umdasch Shopfitting strengthens its presence in Eastern Europe and its expertise in the lifestyle sector.