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Umdasch Shopfitting focuses on innovation

  • Innovation, Umdasch Shopfitting
With Umdasch Shopfitting, looking at the bigger picture

Innovation is more than just a good idea – innovation means looking at the bigger picture, and it means organized creativity.
In our increasingly digitalized world, consumer behaviour has changed and new opportunities have been created for retail outlets: Innovative materials and manufacturing processes open the way to new store concepts. Demographic change presents challenges to retail. On and offline are no longer a contradiction in terms.
Ideas are the basis for product development
Customers, employees, the market, creative and network partners provide valuable input, but how does one best take advantage of – and link together – these different resources?  Umdasch addresses these issues – We know change first hand, and help make change happen. With the so-called RetailLab, the Josef Umdasch Research Prize and the Expert Council, Umdasch offers platforms and tools to bring ideas to fruition.


  • RetailLab: The Umdasch RetailLab is the Research & Development platform of Umdasch Shopfitting and a workshop for innovations. New technologies and materials are tried out, and the customer is also involved.

  • Expert Council: The Expert Council consists of renowned architects, designers, futurologists and trade experts. They work together in an interdisciplinary exchange, tracking trends and conducting research. With its Expert Council, Umdasch Shopfitting creates a platform for innovative thinkers on exciting and forward-looking issues in the field of retail. Project objectives include the development of advisory tools for multi-channel concepts; the profiling of strategic marketing as a practice-oriented partner in market research; the development of new themes and formats for the Umdasch Shop Academy; and the development of new shopfitting systems.

  • Josef Umdasch Research Prize: Students from diverse universities are presented with a challenge to resolve: The goal is to find a fitting solution through focusing on an idea.