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Consulting & Value Engineering by Umdasch

  • Consulting & Value Engineering by Umdasch
We think retail concepts.

In order to transform good ideas into successful shops, we first need a carefully thought-through concept. Our Consulting & Value Engineering experts supply you with the integral development and planning of retail solutions – store branding par excellence. We work with and for architects. Our Store Makers develop your ideas further during the joint creative process. The interlinking of a wide range of skills to create a result which is ready for rollout is part of our daily routine.


To date, our Store Makers have completed projects in more than 30 countries. The interdisciplinary group consists of architects, graphic artists, interior decorators, designers and marketing specialists.

Facts & Figures

– 45 branding professionals, designers,
   architects, planners

– Projects realised in over 30 countries

Several hundred shop-in-shop solutions
   every year

– More than 100 shop conversion plans
   per year

– Over 50 plans for new shops per year