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Consulting: Concept Phase

Every good project begins with a good concept.

In this phase the Store Makers of Umdasch develop with their customers the basis for an individual store design. In the analysis phase we study, for example, the target group, the current POS presentation and the brand and product range strategy. The results are then summarised in a clear brand briefing.

01 store check
  • analysis of an existing store concept
  • definition of optimisation approach
  • establishment of areas of action
02 market analysis
  • trend monitoring
  • unique selling point (USP)
  • strategic positioning (actual/target)
  • analysis of competitors (SWOT analysis)
03 target groups
  • socio-demographic definition of target group
  • motivational structures of target group
  • definition of target group
  • identification of target group typologies
04 assortment / service
  • analysis of assortment strategy
  • assortment concept (LIM/MIL)
  • definition of a new assortment story
  • service policy
  • implementation of multi-channelling concepts
05 concept procedure
  • analysis and briefing workshops
    over one or more days
  • trend journeys / store scout