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Consulting: Design

The brand is always the crucial basis for our activities.

As a three-dimensional brand experience a store is irreplaceable. The brand briefing of the concept phase is then implemented visually by our design team. A plan of the store is created by combining the design idea and the mood concept with the 3D representation, right down to the communication at the POS. Thus a setting for a retail world is developed according to classic marketing principles.

01 design idea
  • design briefing
  • mood concept
  • room development / zone concept
  • definition of branding elements
  • design of public presentation
02 design sketch
  • floor plan concept
  • definition of product range areas
  • design of all furnishing elements
  • colour and material concept
  • planning of floor, ceiling, lighting etc.
03 detail planning
  • detailed design of draft ground plan
  • specification of all furnishing components
  • façade planning
04 pos communication
  • advertisement / graphic design
  • guidance system
  • product labelling
  • communication staff / customer
  • digital media at the POS
05 visual merchandising
  • definition of product images
  • VM guideline and variations
  • photo concept
  • decoration items
06 storebook
  • manual with all contents regarding store design
  • prototype store / SIS
  • furniture catalogue
  • materials
  • prototype lighting planning with type description