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Individuality is capitalized

In addition to the wide-ranging programme of open seminars the Shop Academy also offers company-specific seminars and workshops on the general topics presents as well as other subjects. We shall be pleased to develop a tailor-made seminar or workshop concept for your company in line with your specific requirements.

In addition to the external lecturers of the Umdasch Shop Academy we can also have recourse upon request  to the Shop Consult experts at Umdasch Shopfitting. If you are searching for speakers for your event, the Umdasch Shop Academy will be pleased to help you. The range of topics extends from architecture and design trends to store branding, visual merchandising and shop lighting as well as classic shopfitting. Many of the lectures can also be offered in foreign languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish).

We shall also be pleased to offer you for your event our modern and well-equipped seminar and even facilities including complete service packages. The display rooms available for this purpose ("ShopShows") are and ideal setting for workshops (also with goods) and practical exercises. If you are interested in this options, please contact us so that we can prepare an individual offer for you. In this way we look forward to providing a small contribution to the improvement of your competitiveness and the fitness of your staff.

Theme pool

Individual training and further education offers for retail companies in the food and non-food sector.

Cross-channel retailing
Sales-area management
Presentation and emotionalisation at the POS
Consumer psychology
Shop architecture
Shopfitting systems
Shop dramaturgy
Multisensual marketing
New media technologies at the POS
Staff development
Shop lighting
Shop design
Location and branch network optimisation
Store branding
Trend research
Sales optimisation in the retail sector
Visual marketing
Visual merchandising

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