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Tailor-made and individual

  • Umdasch Shopfitting_Kundenspezifische Systemlösungen
Individual design with system
In line with the slogan “individual design with system”, Umdasch Shopfitting uses the modular principle to develop both standard systems and customer or brand-specific systems. The systems consist of intelligently constructed universal elements which are produced in large numbers and thus at economical prices. Wall systems permit product presentation in vertical or horizontal profile structures as well as in boxes positioned at intervals. Free-standing stands and furniture systems are designed for use in the centre of the space.

Umdasch Shopfitting has repeatedly sparked off pioneering trends in product development. Two examples are the Green Shelf and the Smart Shelf. The Green Shelf caused a sensation as the shelf with the smallest ecological footprint thanks to its shelves made of wood, bamboo, banana stalks or cane. And the new basic system Basixx represents another milestone.
It goes without saying that Umdasch Shopfitting demonstrates a professional approach at the very highest level in the adaptation or development of brand or project-specific shopfitting systems. With individual solutions like these, often designed for shop-in-shop presentations, the genetic code of a brand is consistently transferred to the POS.