Sustainability at the POS

  • Umdasch Shopfitting_Green Shelf
Aesthetic, functional and sustainable
The Green Shelf was developed with the goal of producing the shelf with the smallest CO2 footprint. Accordingly, innovative, biological material solutions that meet the highest aesthetic requirements were used to create  this new shelving system. The materials permit an authentic and attractive presentation of the products at the POS.

There seems to be no limit to the range of materials that can be used. Nature offers plenty of natural raw materials which can be processed to create completely new system ideas. Apart from bamboo, cardboard, jute and linen the latest addition to the range is clay, which has also been demonstrated to improve the indoor climate. With these alternative materials it is possible to set highly creative new accents. The three-layer sheets of local spruce do not sound quite so spectacular, but they also fit the bill perfectly.

These solutions are also interesting as regards price, and they score not only through the characteristics of the materials concerned and the processing options available but also through the wide range of surface finishes. There are even some selected bio-plastics available which are highly interesting.

The aim of the Umdasch innovation team is to reduce as far as possible the use of steel, except for the uprights. Depending on the range or the sector the "green" materials listed here are ideally suited for functional and high-quality shelves as well as optically interesting back walls.
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Ab 14.6.2018
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