Umdasch Shopfitting Basixx
Umdasch Shopfitting Basixx
Umdasch Shopfitting Basixx
One of the core competencies of Umdasch Shopfitting
Basixx is a platform for shop-system elements that can be applied in a modular fashion and that guarantee a maximum degree of flexibility for every industry-specific retail need. Basixx convinces by virtue of its modular structure: steel tubing uprights in various heights and with spacer frames in three axis widths form the basic structure of Basixx. Additional side arms permit its use as a free-standing element against the wall and in the middle of the space.

Many applications are covered in the Standard range by the different rear panel versions in metal, wire mesh and wood. The rear panels can be modified as required. The new shelf range is available in various design versions. This provides plenty of scope for individual design and branding.

Back panels are mounted onto the upright construction and the shelves are slotted into the slits in the uprights.
The back panels can be designed as required. The wide range of shelves available permits the merchandising of every product range.

The appearance of Basixx can be varied to a high degree: wire mesh, wood, acrylic and sheet metal can be freely combined as required. This means that inexpensive standard components permit highly individual and customer-specific design possibilities.

The A25Light version provides a lighter appearance with narrower uprights and less robust shelves which are ideal for use in the fashion sector.
Product sheet Basixx
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