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Bake Off

Umdasch Shopfitting Bakeoff
Umdasch Shopfitting Bakeoff
Umdasch Shopfitting Bakeoff
Modular sales systems for small baked goods
In line with the motto “individual design with system” Umdasch Shopfitting uses the modular principle to develop both standard and customer-specific solutions for the product group “Bread and baked goods” – including maximum sales
success! The standard presentation units – Display Case, Box and Presenter – are well-engineered technically and have been markettested. They are employed and configured individually to suit customer requirements. Flexible fields of applications, simple handling and optimal cost-effectiveness characterise the different Bake Off solutions by Umdasch Shopfitting.

Bake Off is the platform for sales systems for small baked goods
— The Display Case is a module which can be extended as required. It includes a configurable service unit.
The Box is the basic system for smallbaked goods in the Basixx system family
“Presenters” are individual items of furniture which use universal components