Umdasch sets the table

Varitable is a complex and individual table programme for all sectors and sections of the product range. It has a
modern yet timeless appearance thanks to the understated form of the system. As a tool for an intelligent customer
approach Varitable forms the focal point within the store and can be combined with the wall and centre-space furniture
by Umdasch. The table programme is delivered in space-saving form and is notable for its simple, rapid assembly.
The system consists of two basic sizes with metal frames for different product presentations in either a straight or
angled position. The tabletop programme is available in various wood-look finishes with optional basic power connections for electrical add-ons. A frame can be installed with individual components such as metal (magnetic film), wood, grid, chalkboard or screen which can be linked up to the network, thereby providing promotional POS communication.


Technical Details 


— Measurements: 125: 1,250 x 850 x 800 mm

— Profile: 30 x 30 mm

— Table Top: Wood, wood with power rail

— Warenträger: Metal frame for crate presentation, wooden décor

— POS Communication: Mountable frame in metal, grid, chalkboard or screen, metal promotional surface at the side

— Electrical Add-Ons: Lights, ESL, screen, Price and Product Checker

Product Guide Varitable
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