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Health Store of the Year by Umdasch

31.05.2017 | Food Retail
Umdasch's Store Makers create exciting shopping worlds and store concepts with competent planning and experience. And that with self-developed, innovative shop elements, such as the Varitable. Convince yourself: in eight out of ten categories, health stores designed by Umdasch were nominated as health stores of the year.

Superlative health stores by Umdasch

A prestigious jury has announced the Health Stores of the Year: in eight out of ten categories they were convinced by health stores for which Umdasch had realised both the planning and the shopfitting. With their skilled craftsmanship and long-standing expertise the Store Makers at Umdasch convinced not only their customers but also the experts on the jury of the Reformhaus ® competition. Readers of the Reformhaus Kurier chose Reformhaus Escher in Frankenthal as their “Favourite Health Store 2017”.


The winners of the Reformhaus ® Health Store of the Year 2017:

  • Reformhaus Ehrhardt, Bad Reichenhall – Category “Overall presentation, chain operations and marketing groups”
  • Reformhaus Marion Escher, Bad Cannstatt – Category “Food/Dietetics”
  • Reformhaus Kaubisch, Düsseldorf – Category “Natural medicines”
  • Reformhaus Engelhardt, Filiale Perle in Hamburg – Category “Natural cosmetics”
  • Reformhaus Escher, St. Ingbert – Category “Spa therapy/Self-medication/Dietary supplements”
  • Reformhaus Herrmann, Fulda – Category “Special prize for successful implementation of health-store marketing campaign”
  • Reformhaus Freya, Bad Kreuznach – Category “Veggie”
  • Reformhaus Escher, Frankenthal – “My Favourite Health Store” Reformhaus Kurier readers’ prize


We plan and realise your tailor-made health store

Umdasch Shopfitting is the expert when it comes to the planning and implementation of health stores and retail environments. Showcase projects include, for example, Reformhaus Ehrhardt, where vintage chic encounters vitality and cosiness. At the “Triple Winner” Reformhaus Escher, ceiling elements are used to provide clear customer guidance and a new colour and material concept enlivens the atmosphere of the space. Or at Reformhaus Kaubisch, where tailor-made furniture is used instead of classic shopfitting elements to present the products in an attractive manner, guaranteeing a unique shopping experience. In a joint creative process the Store Makers at Umdasch develop unique store concepts and create an individual branding for each health store – including comprehensive planning. Three-dimensional brand worlds are realised to present the products in an attractive manner as well as offering the customer both service and experience. We think retail concepts!


Varitable – Umdasch reinvents the table

Umdasch Shopfitting not only plans experience spaces – the Store Makers also place great emphasis on innovation. It is practised in all departments, including Food Retail. The Varitable was recently developed by a team of experts. This is a versatile table programme for all sections of the product range. The plug-in frames ensure flexibility and an optional power rail can be added to permit electronic add-ons, such as for example ESL, Price Checker, Product Checker or Head-Up displays. The table system is especially suitable for use in health stores. Focus points can be set attractively on specific sections of the product range, such as regional products or natural cosmetics. The centre-space furniture forms the highlight in the store and can be individually styled with wood finishes, metal frames, chalkboards or screens. It is a must for every modern health store. We produce shop equipment!

Umdasch Shopfitting; Reformhaus des Jahres; Reformhaus Escher
Umdasch Shopfitting; Reformhaus des Jahres; Reformhaus Kaubisch
Umdasch Shopfitting; Reformhaus des Jahres; Reformhaus Ehrhardt
Umdasch Shopfitting; Reformhaus des Jahres; Planung; Consulting